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Why Elevation Elevator?

Quality.  Efficiency.  Experience.


We value our good reputation and strive to keep giving our customers exactly what they need.  Elevation Elevator Inc. takes pride in providing unmatched service to building managers, corporations, Government liaisons, and individuals.  The job will be done to your standards in a professional and  timely manner - we guarantee it.  


If you need to speak with us at anytime, call (613) 371-7434 for service or for a no-obligation quote.  We look forward to discussing how Elevation Elevator can go above and beyond meeting your needs.

We Specialize In:

Safety Standardization

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) has raised the safety bar for any elevating device in use in Ontario. These significant new requirements came into effect April 1, 2014 and impact elevator/escalator owners, contractors and mechanics throughout Ontario.


Elevation Elevator Inc. can help determine if there is a need to upgrade the components of an existing device or perform a full modernization. Many older elevators are lacking systems that enhance efficiency and safety and reduce down time.

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